Echo Glen Children’s Center is a Washington State Juvenile Detention facility. There are 130 great kids as young as 11 and up to 20 years old. Most have been neglected or abused by parent(s) who may have also been neglected and abused. It seems to be a continuous cycle – one that Echo Glen staff is determined to break. These kids crave positive attention from adults and need good role models. Nearly all have dangerously low self-esteem.
Background checks are required and you must over 21 to interact with the youth, but prep work can be done by any age or group.
Here are opportunities to show these appreciative kids that you care (ascending order of time commitment):
Birthday Cakes**** – provide a cake once a month or once a year for a child who would not otherwise receive one. (no age minimum)
– **Monthly Birthday Baking
– Help the kids bake cupcakes and create cards that are given to others-in-need for their monthly birthday celebration
Career Fair – April and October – Join the panel to share the pros & cons of your career/job.
Service Project Socials – Come chat with 3 or 4 youth while helping them with a project that helps others.
Art Docent – 2 volunteers go into a class of 10 students once a month from 12:15 PM to 1:24 PM (day of month decided by EG teacher and volunteers). NO artistic talent required – lesson plans and supplies are provided. Be a lead docent or assist.

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